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This is a story about betrayal. The player is playing a robot kid who perfectly obeys the Three Laws of Robotics, escape from the wasteland to the oasis along with his beloved father in a future world. But what will happen on this dangerous escape adventure? Can the robot and his father make it to their destination?

This is a VR game made in two weeks by 2 programmers, 2 artists and 1 sound designer. As the lead artist, my responsibilities included designing the storyline, modeling 3D environments in Maya, texturing and rendering in Unity, and doing other graphic design jobs for the festival preparation.

Oasis - 3 minutes Gameplay Walkthrough

Modeled/Textured in Maya, Rendered in Unity

​Screenshots of My Modelling Process

截屏2022-01-06 下午8.55.02.png
etc festival

Room Floor Plan Designed for Festival

Modeled and Rendered in Maya


Festival Guest Playing

Festival Livestreaming

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