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This was a two-week collaborative project for the Building Virtual Worlds course.

The objective of this project was to develop a highly interactive and engaging experience that gives naïve guests the sense that they have lots of freedom in the choices they make.

Team: 2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Sound Designer

My Role: Producer + 3D/2D Artist

Click to Watch: Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Naughty Rocky

Naughty Rocky Short Preview


Our team was assigned to use Oculus Quest 2, a virtual reality platform, in this round. VR technology is an ideal platform to create an immersive environment for players. Following brainstorming, our group decided to take my concept and build on it.  We wanted to make a game from a different perspective, letting players be a puppy, putting him/her into a living room and allowing them to mess up with the room like a naughty puppy.


Due to the fact that we are not permitted to give explicit instructions to our guests. We chose to include an integrated opening video, which provides some background for the guest, such as the dog speaking to itself, "It's my party time."

Considering the interest curve and the desire to surprise the guests, we decided to include a turning point in the middle of the game: the owner is returning! Likewise, she sends an audio message to the dog, saying, "Did you behave well at home?" and "please don't let me find you did something wrong." We assumed the player would recognize that the time has come for them to clean up their mess!

As a designer and artist, I was in charge of 3D modeling and rendering, Unity scene setup, voice recording, video editing, and UI design during this round. As the producer of this game, I was responsible for managing the game's art, design, and technical development. Additionally, I led the team effectively, coordinated play testing, and ensured that each team member worked happily, efficiently, and enthusiastically during these two weeks. ​


In-class Naive Guest Playtest Recording

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