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Project Overview Video

Gradient Strip

Sweet Loot

The story of this game is that an interplanetary gang of robbers discovers the ideal location for looting: Sweet Planet - an abundant amount of delicious desserts! However, time is not on their side, and the mission is not easy. This game needs collaboration between numerous players in order to collect as many desserts as possible before the timer runs out and perhaps earn the highest score possible!

Team: 2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Sound Designer

My Role: Artist, UI Designer


Player 1

Tool: Vive Tracker + Cardboard Spacecraft

Player 2

Tool: Makey Makey + Cardboard Keyboard

Gameplay Walkthrough Video

截屏2021-11-29 下午9.15.00.png

Festival Theming Floor Plan Design

截屏2021-11-29 下午9.18.31.png

Waiting Area with Cardboard Cutout

截屏2021-11-29 下午9.18.36.png

Photo booth with Low Poly Model

截屏2021-11-29 下午9.18.42.png

Gift Area + Playing Area

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