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Nanjing, the Old Capital of ten dynasties, is an ancient cultural city with a long history.


"The steps of the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the beamless hall of the Linggu Temple
The cherry blossoms of the Jiming Temple, the snow of the old city wall
The lanterns of Qinhuai River, the garden of Xuanwu Lake
The stone lady of Mochou Lake, the hall of the Ming Imperial Palace ......"

In recent years, the development of Nanjing's economic might has once again put it among the top of the country and made it a rising star in China.

In this design, I emphasized the contrast and unity between ancient architecture and modern buildings by integrating Nanjing's ancient charm and technological development.

In the center of the postcard stands the Zifeng Tower, the tenth tallest skyscraper in mainland China, which symbolizes Nanjing's fast-growing economy. Behind it is a magical and majestic stone carving, the Pixie, which shows the importance Nanjing attaches to the preservation of its cultural traditions.

Through this postcard design, I hope to call on people to develop the city's economy while not forgetting to promote and inherit traditional culture to the very end!

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